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Brand loyalty & sales
With Friendboost

Friendboost is a Shopify app that revolutionizes the way Promoters and Referrals interact, forging a virtuous cycle of brand loyalty and success. This leads to a consequent boost in sales.

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with our features

Integrated Dashboard within your Shopify

 Having a clear, immediate view of your business is vital. The dedicated dashboard, seamlessly integrated within Shopify,
provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of performance, transactions and interactions.

Customizable Referral Links


Identity is crucial. With Friendboost, promoters can create unique and customized referral links, reinforcing the brand and making each marketing campaign even more distinguishable and effective.

Exclusive Promoter Dashboard


Every promoter needs to track their performance and earnings. That’s why Friendboost offers a dedicated, intuitive, and transparent dashboard that allows tracking of every action and achievement.

Reward Analytics


Measure to improve. Friendboost provides a comprehensive
set of analytic tool that enable monitoring of referral and
Loyalty program effectiveness. This helps pinpointing the
Exact strategies to deploy for maximizing profits.

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The power of

Friendboost enhances site engagement through word of mouth.
Promoters benefit from every purchase made by their referrals,
While the latter gain access to exclusive discount. It’s a win-win

Tailored control and
Customization options

Personalization is a top priority with Friendboost. Reward can be set,
Bonuses managed, and word-of-mouth effectiveness optimized.

Start generating, sharing,
and earning today!

Every promoter can generate a referral code. Every code usage,
results in a reward. It’s direct, transparent, and efficient.


Generate a referral code
As a Friendboost user


Share created referrals
across the internet


Get an instant
rewards and bonuses

Transforming visitors
into promoters

With Friendboost, every customer has the potential to become a
promoter, adding a value to every business interaction. It’s an
opportunity to foster and strengthen enduring relationships

Current Promoters

Active Users

Users Increase rate

Unified platform for diverse needs

With Friendboost, loyalty and referral programs come together. Everything happens
within the website, eliminating distractions and intermediary steps.