Why Friendboost?

Discover the compelling reasons to choose Friendboost
for your success.

Scalability at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re starting small or
already scaling up. Friendboost helps
you to grow. Effortlessly scale your
referral program to meet the evolving
demands of your expanding business

Performance & Semplicity

Combined Dive into a user-friendly
interface without compromising on
robustness. Friendboost is built for
performances, ensuring every referral
counts, every reward is noted, and
every promoter is empowered

Seamless Shopify Flow Integration

Maximize your efficiency by tapping
Into the power of Shopify Flow.
Automate tasks, streamline operations,
and ensure that every aspect of your
referral program runs like a well-oiled

Exclusive Shopify Gift Card Integration

Let’s make rewarding even more
Special. With our unique integration
with Shopify’s internal gift cards, offer a
touch of exclusivity and flexibility to
your promoters and referrals

Reliability with Every Referral

Trust in a system that delivers. From
the first click to te final purchase,
Friendboost’s performance-centric
design ensures stability, speed, and

Scalability at Your Fingertips

With a focus on genuine interactions,
Friendboost not only boost sales but
also nurtures authentic relationships,
building a community rooted in trust
and shared success.

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