Need something cleared up? Here are our most frequently asked questions.

What is Friendboost?

Friendboost is a Shopify app designed to revitalize the interaction between promoters and referrals, encouraging a virtuous cycle of loyalty and stimulating increased sales.

How does Friendboost work?
Every promoter can create a personal referral code. When a referral makes a purchase using that code, the promoter receives a direct reward. It’s a system that values trust and authentic interaction between the parties.
Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days. If you want, we’ll provide you with a free, personalized 30-minute onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Where can I access my information on Friendboost?

Friendboost provides a dedicated dashboard integrated directly into your Shopify, unique to each promoter, making management and monitoring simple and effective.

Can I customize referral links?

Yes, Friendboost allows the creation of customized referral links, making each share unique and in line with the identity of your brand and the promoter.

How can I track earnings and performance?
Friendboost offers an earnings analytics section, providing detailed information on performance, purchases, and rewards.
What are the main advantages of Friendboost compared to other apps?
Friendboost combines loyalty programs and referral systems in a single environment, allowing promoters and customers to interact without ever leaving your site. This, along with features like dedicated dashboards and customized referral links, makes Friendboost a preferable choice.
Does Friendboost support integration with other platforms or services?
Absolutely. Friendboost is optimized for seamless integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus, offering benefits such as integration with the Shopify Plus Gift Card API.
I need technical assistance or more detailed information. How can I contact you?
We are here to support you at every stage of the process. Feel free to contact us for any needs or for a more in-depth understanding of Friendboost’s features.
Can I decide the reward levels with Friendboost?
Yes, with Friendboost, you have complete control over the referral and loyalty strategy. You can define reward levels, customizing the experience for promoters and referrals based on your brand’s needs.
How does Friendboost enhance engagement on my site?
Friendboost harnesses the power of word of mouth. Every promoter has the opportunity to earn a percentage on the purchases of referrals. At the same time, referrals benefit from exclusive discounts. This reciprocal mechanism stimulates interaction, increases engagement, and encourages repeat visits to your site.
How does Friendboost ensure that the interaction between promoters and referrals is authentic?
Friendboost is designed to value trust and authentic interaction. Thanks to personalized referral links and direct rewards for each purchase, a relationship of loyalty and transparency is created between promoters, referrals, and the brand.
Is Friendboost suitable only for Shopify Plus or also for other versions of Shopify?
Friendboost is optimized for both Shopify and Shopify Plus. Its flexibility and advanced features make it ideal for various types of e-commerce on the Shopify platform.